Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 8 Essay

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Discuss 5 factors that may affect number skills development.

The first factor that may affect number skills development is national and community factors. A Country and community’s political, cultural, social and economic policies all contribute to the environment in which children develop. The success a country has in educating it’s children and producing a numerate population depends greatly on the country’s emphasis on the goal of numeracy for all, the resources it has available, and the mechanisms it has in place for providing effective programs and incentives that encourage number skills.

The second factor is home factors. Certain characteristics in a home can create a climate that encourages children to experiment and explore
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For children with the most complex physical needs and the most severe sensory losses, access to specialist teaching and equipment will be needed.

Explain 5 strategies that a teaching assistant might use to support number skills development.

The first strategy that a teaching assistant might use to support number skill development is to stimulate. The teaching assistant can capture children’s imagination and share in their excitement of learning mathematics by giving children examples of numbers that have special or surprising properties and by showing them the unusual or unexpected. The teaching assistant can show children how mathematics can be used creatively to represent, measure, in other situations.

The second strategy the teaching assistant might use is questioning. The teaching assistant can give pupils enough time and space to discuss and to think about their ideas, methods and mathematical representations of the real world. The teaching assistant can focus on underlying concepts and processes with prompting and probing questions.

The third strategy the teaching assistant might use is analysis. They could teach the children how to evaluate solutions and analyse if they are appropriate and successful. They can show children why some methods are more efficient than others. Develop children’s understanding and language of

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