Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 1 Essay

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Hayley Simpson HAY851SI
Teaching Assistant level 3
Assignment 1

Question 1
Give examples of how you would plan activities.
Planning and preparation of teaching is supremely important, the teacher and teaching assistant need to work together to achieve the best learning result. Lesson plans and structures will be implemented and will be catered for each learner; they will include teaching methods and techniques, assessments and targets. Teachers have policies, procedures and regulations to adhere to and within organisations will have to take into consideration budgets and resources.
As a teaching assistant it is my responsibility to support the teacher in the planning of learning activities according to the relevant curriculum.
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Setting appropriate boundaries and guidelines that are realistic and achievable Ensuring that equality and diversity is included in the way teaching takes place- making references, topics and photographs relating to all religions, cultures, races etc. When making assessments ensure no discrimination takes place All recordings are reported back to the classroom teacher.

Question 4

Think about your role and responsibilities as a teaching assistant. List examples of your own general and specific tasks.

My roles and responsibilities as a teaching assistant are to; Support the pupils Support and assist the teacher Support the school Support the curriculum

As a teaching assistant it is my job, to support pupils in the best way I can. I will do this by assessing each individual and recognising their needs. I will enable them to learn and feel safe and confident in school. Listening to them, understanding them and responding to their needs appropriately. Giving them plenty of encouragement and being respectful will gain me their trust and confidence; this in turn will ensure the most effective learning process.

Supporting the teaching staff will also result in the best learner environment and outcomes for the pupils. I will work with the teachers to prepare lessons and discuss learning techniques for the class and individual pupils.

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