Teaching Assistant Assignment 1 Answers

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Register to read the introduction… I would help keep the focus on instructions given and to keep the pupils engaged on the task at hand. An attentive teaching assistant will help pupil’s minds from wandering off their work, which could happen in a large or lots of smaller groups with only one adult. This additional attention supports pupils helping them to become better learners, and by showing a genuine interest in their work will in turn raise the pupils self esteem. If in numerous smaller groups I would supervise, support and assist the smaller groups in the activities set out by the teacher and work with the smaller groups under the management of the …show more content…
I would check with the teacher if any special safety equipment may be needed for all students or any in particular and ensure that the are out and ready to use. Also from a safety aspect I would make sure that the lesson was taking part in a large enough environment to protect the pupil’s small ears.

I would then prepare all equipment needed for the lesson in this case the instruments by taking them from where they are kept and checking the inventory to ensure that all of the equipment is accounted for and making a note of what I have removed to check against when returning them. I would then check that all of the instruments are in a good working order and are safe to use, I would also check that all of the instruments are clean and are regularly sanitised to prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs. I would bring to the attention of the teacher any damage to the equipment and any losses. I there was any general items needed for the lesson such as pencils etc I would also locate these and make them readily

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