Teaching And Using Knowledge Of Writing Essay

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Portfolio I started the semester not knowing how I would adjust going from a high school writing class to a college level writing class. I felt my writing was above average, but writing was never one of my strong suits. I had no way of knowing if my writing competency could hold up to college academic standards. I took expository writing with Professor James Brady. Over the course of the semester, multiple learning objectives were learned through my essays. These learning objectives were subject matter knowledge, writing process knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, genre knowledge, and meta-cognition. The first essay written in the class was based on the premise of an instance where we fell in love with reading or writing. This essay involved learning and using knowledge of writing process, rhetorical, genre, and overall subject matter. This use of writing process knowledge was prevalent in this essay due to the amount of prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing done within this essay. To begin this essay we practiced and implemented multiple prewriting techniques including freewriting and clustering. Next we produced multiple drafts of each section of the essay to make sure we included each requirement for that particular section. These sections were edited by each other to receive feedback about the essays and to improve our editing skills. Lastly our entire essay draft was put together and handed in. This draft was edited and was given revising instructions by our…

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