The Importance Of Writing

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When I first entered this classroom I did not believe I was a skilled writer, and knew I lacked certain grammar skills needed in order to succeed in writing. As we were told in the first days of class the course work that would be done by the end of the quarter I lost more trust in myself of doing well with all the papers. At that point I knew I would have to make strides to better my writing every single day in and out of the classroom.
Before anything in this class finding a topic presented a struggle, and this was because I felt I needed an easy topic to find information on. I wanted someone else to choose my topic for me believing it would make it a quicker decision than me deciding on one myself. Once I finally picked and turned my topic
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I took the suggestions on my past paper seriously knowing it was given to me so I could improve my next paper. As I started writing it was still a struggle to get started; however, this time I knew my paper would be completed to the best of my ability. Having a positive attitude while writing was more helpful than I ever thought it could be. I finished my second paper, turning it in with more confidence that the explain a concept. This in itself showed me the growth I had already made as a writer. When the grades came back I had made an improvement, and this made me want to better myself in the final essay I would have to …show more content…
The more I believed in myself the easier it got to write a paper I was proud of which was incredible to see. Even though the final grade in the class is still the worst by far than anything I have done I believe my skills did improve as a writer, and I matured. Becoming an academic writer is more than the grade you get, this is not how I felt before, but after seeing what I have accomplished myself and still not getting a good grade proves that true. Although I may not be happy with the letter grade that appears, I am happy with the skills I will take away for the rest of my high school and collegiate career. Before this class I never learned about myself as a writer, but after this I found out what I do well and what I have to work on in the future which I will always

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