Taxi Industry Case Study

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Innovation in Taxi Industry

Evolution of the Transport Industry: The first form of transport was, of course, Shanks pony (the human foot!). However people eventually learned to use animals for transport. Various animals were domesticated before the mechanical vehicles came into the picture. Later, in 1935 the first parking meter was installed in the USA. This acted as one of catalyst for the emergence of the Taxi Industry which is now being revolutionized by the advent of new applications.
Major Problems in the Cab Industry
Unavailability: India has a population of over a billion but only about 2 percent of those own car. This often created availability challenges for commuters who were looking out for taxi. Especially, odd hours of the day
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These three executives handle all operations within the city. So much so that the drivers have to call the three-member team at a specified time, if they have any concerns.

Since it now operates in 10 Indian cities, there are about 30 Uber employees in India currently.

2. Free rides for New Users: What distinguishes Uber from other cab rental companies is the innovative marketing it is able to afford, thanks to large investors such as Google and Kleiner Perkins behind it. For instance, on the 65th Republic Day, Uber offered its users in Delhi a 65% discount on one cab ride.

It is also offers free rides for users on special occasions such as Mother’s or Father’s Day. Rival companies such as Ola, Meru, Taxi For Sure, TaxiPixi etc have not been able to match up to Uber on this front.

3. It allows users to share their location via GPS. This ensures proper safety and security for each user.

4. Also it doesn’t differentiate between night and day rentals.

5. One requirement that every individual must fulfil in order to avail the service is that of owning a credit card. Also the user needs to register him/herself on the portal and thus always make the payment online. It helps customers get rid of the hassles of carrying
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Olacabs has a reliable and robust partner base spread across multiple cities. On initiation of the process, Olacab searches the available inventory of its partners and provides with a list of results and prices of different available cars from different operators. User can decide on the basis of the rating of that cab operator, what is the experience of the earlier customers of the same cab partner say about them, and then book it on This prior feedback provides the relevant information to the customer and helps them in their decision making both on the cab service and on the price preferred. The partner fleet ranges from economy to luxury vehicles. If booking online is a hassle, customers can also call Olacabs and they will help user through the process. Registered users can maintain a credit balance with Olacabs to use the service through the app without paying in cash. With time they are stressing on cashless trasaction on similar lines as Uber. The payment process will become much more hassle free and transparent. The receipt generation process becomes simpler

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