Tattoos Can Harm Perceptions : A Study And Suggestions Essay

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Tattoos have become apart of the new generation’s mainstream culture whereas more and more people since the 1970’s are entering the workforce with a tattoo. Getting tattoos has risen in the last few decades as more people under the age of 35 have at least one (Fox News 2). David Wiseman, author of “Tattoos Can Harm Perceptions: A Study And Suggestions,” discusses how people with tattoos receive negative attention from their peers when they are of age to enter the workforce. Aaron Arndt, author of “What Tattoos Tell Customers About Salespeople: The Role of Gender Norms,” would agree with Wiseman, because his studies found that it is dependent on someone 's age and gender how tattoos are viewed among people and whether they are given a positive or a negative perception. From these two disciplines, business and psychology, there is a connection on how the corporate world negatively perceives its employees who have tattoos. Perceptions have changed what humans think about the idea of tattooing over time. Humans have normal perceptions that influence them to make certain decisions. Wiseman, who represents the psychology discipline, claims people with tattoos are treated differently from people without tattoos. The population that has the highest percentage of tattoos’ is college students. For example, students in college often think about what they are going to do after they finish school. They determine what types of careers they want and try to figure out what choices they…

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