Tattoos Are A Form Of Art Essay

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Art, as Limitless as the Design
Tattoos are a form of art. Tattoos are first and foremost an expression of one’s self, they always have a meaningful and deep emotional connection to the owner, also no two tattoos are the same, and they add character to a blank canvas (the body). This topic was chosen because tattoos in and of themselves are a controversial topic that many people feel very passionate about. All the forms of art are judged and have critics, however, as with any form of art, tattoos also have those who feel an emotional resonance of attraction towards them. Many young adults have grown into a society where tattoos are not only taboo, but are not a social “Norm.” Young adults, however, need to know that owners of tattoos often get this form of art put onto their body for a multitude of reasons, none of which are a negative reason. This form of art needs to be something that people need to open up to because it is only a form of self-expression, which should never be condemned or ridiculed. Some aspects of tattoos in which young adults would need to know are: why tattoos are considered “taboo,” why this is not a social “norm,” and why people express themselves through tattoos? The most effective way to gain insight on tattoos is interviewing people who have or don’t have tattoos and also the tattoo artists themselves.
Tattoos are an expression of one’s self. Tattoos are a way to show what your interest are in an artistic way. They are also a way to show your true…

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