Target Market : A Product Or Service Essay

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Target Market The term target market is the intended audience for a product or service, which for J.C. Penny’s is the new “all American” segment, this would be young teens and adults with higher disposable incomes. More than likely, CEO Ron Johnson used psychographic and lifestyle analysis to help reach out to this market segment. He elected Ellen DeGeneres as the spokeswoman to appeal to the younger generation’s desire to be all inclusive and support the emerging notion of equality. One major benefit of this trendy market segment is the millennials are profitable and substantial. However, by targeting this specific group of consumers J.C.P. has made it rather difficult to appeal to the older, more conservative generation.
Normally, a product is the item or service a company is selling to its target market. However, since J.C.P. is selling products that consumers are shopping for specifically instead of an unsought or convenience products, they are marketing their brand as well their product. The major issue with this approach is while J.C.P. has brand recognition, the article clearly describes consumers do not know what J.C.P. stands for. Due to this, J.C.P. has changed their logo to help revamp their image to consumers. With the changing of the logo, J.C.P. is attempting to wash away the bitter taste of being an “110-year-old brand” that was known for its paper catalog and entice consumers out of their homes and onto the department floor to…

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