Tantrum Toys Case Study

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This study carried out by this group of inventors studied the bubble solutions of Tantrum Toys and its competitors. Tantrum Toys wanted to compare their solution in a neutral setting free of bias. The solutions in question were placed in similar numbered containers with no other kind of label. The goal was to find which solution produced the largest bubble. Knowing if they had the largest bubble or not would possibly affect their business decisions. In answering these questions, Tantrum Toys could gage whether or not their newest solution was really the biggest. We knew a few pieces of information before we started the testing. We knew that we would need to look for the height and diameters of the bubbles through two tests. The first …show more content…
Figure 1 shows a straw similar to what we used during our study. The dome test used a tray, 80 ml of each solution, two rulers and a straw. One ruler was placed in the tray with the solution to record the diameter of the dome and one was used to record the height of the dome. The 80 ml of solution was poured into the tray. One inventor puts one end of the straw into the tray of solution and blows through the other end for 5 seconds and the largest bubble is recorded with the rulers. The free floating test used a 80 ml beaker of solution, a straw, and a ruler. A inventor took the straw and put one end into the 80 ml of solution and capped the other end with their finger to capture the solution, and blew through the end that was capped by the finger. The free floating bubbles were allowed to descend to the ground where their diameter was measured by a ruler. We found the averages by adding both the measurements of each solution in each test and dividing them by the number of measurements, two. For example: 1.25+1.30+1.20=3.75/3=1.25 average. There were multiple steps taken to prepare our data taken for analysis. Throughout our study, we took observations on the solutions and their ability to create bubbles. Taking multiple observations would allow for better understanding of the solutions and better discussion on the solutions later. Another step taken to prepare our data was to take …show more content…
We were given six unlabeled containers of bubble solution. We were tasked with finding which solution created the largest bubbles. We were instructed to perform two tests: the dome and free floating tests. These test would allow us to decide which solutions created the largest bubble. Data on the largest bubble would be viewed to decide if their new solution really created the largest bubbles. Through our study we found one solution that created larger bubbles in our tests. Our study leads me to think that solution three produced the largest

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