Essay on Tantan Xie Luminar Case

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Luminar: Leveraging Big Data Using Corporate Entrepreneurship


US Broadcasting Industry:
The US media industry was the second largest market around world at $255.1 billion and was forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.3 percent till 2017. Within the media industry, broadcasting and TV was the largest category with a market of $142.6 billion. The industry players were competing mainly with one another for viewership to drive advertising revenue which was the primary source of profits. The traditional advertising driven business model started to shift due to a few trends. First of all, there were more ways for broadcasting advertisers to reach customers. The progressive consumerization of technologies such as
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As the first mover in the space without any competitor in sight, Luminar and Entravision had gained strategic advantages over their competitors.

Using the Socio-technical framework to further understand Luminar and Entravision’s positions under the Big Data environment, it is important to consider Entravision and Luminaries respectively and then collectively to evaluate how closely they align with each other:

Structure: A listed company, multiple broadcasting stations, with traditional corporate function units such as Finance, Marketing, R&D, Sales and etc.
People: Nearly 1,000 employees, familiar with the old industry norms, believe qualitative data was more important than quantitative data.
IT: Majorly TV and Radio, mobile, digital, web, other interactive media
Process: All kinds of traditional ways of delivering values to customers, community involvement, local content creation.

Structure: New corporate entrepreneurship, division of Entravision, President Rios reporting directly to Ulloa, initial investments all from parent company
People: Exposed to technologies and innovations, data driven,
IT: Huge amount of data from various sources, Hortonworks, MapReduce, high performance data analysis platform
Process: New revenue streams, data analytics, using various algorithms

From the above Socio-technical framework analysis, there were huge differences between Entravision and Luminar in terms of structure, people, IT and process. Also, this

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