Tank Top Research Paper

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How to Get the Prefix Tank Top before Your Name

Step 1: Be a fat kid, get bullied, and avoid tank tops

To a fat kid, wearing a tank top is like sticking a note on your own back that says kick me. You’re a target. Kids would make fun of the rolls that weren’t hidden by cloth. Although no matter what clothing you have on you’re a target. When you put your hands up and your shirt follows exposing the fleshy mounds that is your stomach you my dear reader is a target for bullying by kids. Have you ever had that ripple effect when you walk and as you flop in your chair after a long hard day on the playground, your stomach, in return, flops onto you? You pray that no one notices the ten on the Richter scale earthquake that is going on under your clothes, but someone does, they always do. All in all, a fat kid, times, the number of asshole kids in his class, equals, getting bullied, but a fat kid, plus, a tank top, times the number of asshole kids in class equals, running home because you have literally been ripped into two separate beings and both of them were bullied. And while you’re running home, you won’t get far
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Well you’ll see at the end of this guide. Getting back on track when you were a child what are some of the things you wanted more than anything else? It could have been a majestic black horse with a mane that flows endlessly when you imagined yourself riding it. Or maybe the big red fire truck that shined like diamonds on the top shelf of the toy store. Then again it did not have to be something real maybe you wanted a pet dragon that could fly you above the clouds where you could escape your life even if only for a moment. I had only three wishes from life during this step. The first is to be strong. I wanted to be strong enough to help my family when it they got those impulsive moments to move furniture around, but I also wanted to be strong enough to carry the burdens of everyone who relied on

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