Tangerine Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay.

In the novel Tangerine By Edward Bloor, we read about Paul a twelve-year-old boy who struggles with legal blindness, and he also feels neglected by his parents. Paul realizes that his older brother Erik is a cruel and a twisted child. Paul tries to get his parents to see his point of view, but has trouble getting the message to them. Paul and his brother Erik, though related have many differences, but also a few similarities that make them unique characters of interest in the novel.
Erik and Paul Fisher, though related by birth are both different in many ways. Erik Fisher has anger issues, he is cruel, and he is responsible for a death and robberies that occurred in the local town. In the story, Erik
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While Erik stood outside the home keeping watch, his friend Arthur wore a gas mask, snuck into the homes and stole pearls and diamonds. Anger, cruelty, and death are ______that define Erik’s character.

Paul, on the other hand, is kind, secretive, and has a challenge. Paul is a kind child that tries to do his best to stay out of trouble or ‘ out of harm’s way’ which is considered to be Erik throughout the story. Paul is secretive. For example when Paul was about five years old. Erik blamed him for telling the police that he and his friend were writing graffiti on the neighborhood walls. As a result Erik and his friend sprayed white paint into Paul’s eye Paul is very vulnerable to the attacks of Erik. Paul kept numerous secrets to himself such as the death of Luis Cruz; Paul witnessed the death of Luis Cruiz underneath the bleachers. Paul also witnessed the attack of Victor and Tino at the graduation ceremony. Victor and Tino decided to get even with Erik and Aurther for killing their brother. Victor and Tino planned an attack and Paul was there to see it. Paul has many secrets that are of important to others. Though Paul seems to be a ‘normal child’ he has a difficulty that was caused by his older brother and his brother’s friend. Paul was left legally blind because the incident that of Erik and his friend caused. Though Paul’s parents were there to witness the event Erik was not punished. Paul and Erik’s differences are

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