Tangerine By Edward Bloor: Character Analysis

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The true intention of life has been a mystery, with many ideas and interpretations. The concept of life never staying stagnant is one to remember. Tangerine, a novel written by Edward Bloor, revolves around Paul Fisher. Paul is a handicapped 7th grader who has experienced a plethora of changes. For instance, the motif of brotherhood running throughout the novel has changed Paul. But, his brother Erik is what morphed Paul from a cowering sibling to a confident human being.

Tangerine states Paul has been afraid of Erik, but a certain light-bulb moment helped Paul conquer that fear. On December 1st, the Fisher family and Arthur Bauer were at a memorial for the deceased Mike Costello. Suddenly, Tino and Victor come storming in, enraged. Tino and Victor assault Erik and Arthur, and Paul assisted them in escaping the premises. When he had the chance, Paul ran out of the building, but when Erik and Arthur found him,
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He stole, wears a mask that shields his real form and was associated with murder. For instance, on November 20th, “…Erik lashed out, smashing the back of his hand across Tino’s face, smashing him so hard that Tino spun halfway around in the air and landed on the grass.” (205) Though Tino wasn’t injured to where he was about to die, his brother Luis wasn’t so fortunate. Under the command of Erik, Arthur whacked Luis in the head with a blackjack. As a result, Luis Cruz died, and it made quite the impact on Paul. As a matter of fact, “…I thought about Luis Cruz being lowered to the ground, never to come back up. I felt the tears start to well up deep inside of me… I wept, and sobbed and poured tears into the hole in the ground… I feel Luis is a part of me now. I feel like a different person.” (262) Because of Erik, Luis is dead. Because of his death, Paul felt like he changed like Luis was now with him. As tragic as death ism it can change someone’s well-being, like

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