Edward Bloor Quotes

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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” (Andre Gide). This quote describes the main character, Paul, in Edward Bloor’s novel. He has trouble not only with what he sees and how to cope, but what he doesn’t see. Erik is Paul’s older brother and he finds great joy in agonizing him. Erik is one of the characters that contrasts to Paul and his eyesight. He sees what Paul does not and vice-versa. What the author is trying to provide the reader with with the motif of sight is that physical vision does not yield you from seeing the good or bad in a person. Paul may be classified as visually impaired but he can see much more than someone like Erik who is not followed around with an IEP. Paul can see many things such as the koi being taken right under Mr. Costello’s nose. Of course, nobody believes him because he’s “blind” and “can’t see anything”. Paul just quietly thinks to himself “There goes another one of you koi , Mr. Costello.” (page 64). This quote from the book shows how Paul has to keep some things to himself and laugh at everyone who doesn’t believe him. Another thing that Paul sees is a vital part to end of the story. He watches in terror, after football practice from behind the bleachers, Erik and Arthur kill Luis Cruz. It didn’t happen immediately but it caused …show more content…
One reason he put this motif in here, is to communicate the idea that your vision does not limit you to what you see in people and everything really.That’s why Bloor put Paul in a position like this so that we can understand that sight has many meanings. It can be taken literally as in you physically see something. It can also be taken figuratively like in a song or a poem. Different people use these two kinds of sight differently. Some are very serious and others are more genial with it. Which type of sight do you use more

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