Taming Dreams By Ernesto Quinonez Essay

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Underestimated Dreams In Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quinonez takes place in Spanish Harlem, here we see a kid named Julio who is Puerto Rican and half Ecuadorian. Julio is a good friend with Sapo; Sapo always defends Julio no matter what. Julio gets into many fights, which got him the name Chino that was a painter who did the Rest In Peace Frames. As they grew up Chino ended up with a girl named Blanca who was a church girl. Blanca is the best in Chino’s life giving the positive influence like the angel on the left shoulder telling him all the goods things to do in life and what to not do. Sapo on the other hand is like the devil on his right shoulder giving him horrible advice and leading him down the wrong path in his life placing Chino in negative situations. But the only good Sapo does is introducing Chino to Willie Bodega. Bodega tells Chino that he doesn’t sell rocks, but he sells dreams. Bodega wanted something from Chino and it was to show him the pride of being from Spanish Harlem. Chino idolized Bodega in the fact that he was living the American Dream that Chino was so hopeful of achieving. Bodega and Chino both have dreams, but their dreams interfere with each other, as they both want a life better for themselves but take different routes in achieving the American Dream. Bodegas dreams lead the way for others in the community to take pride in their neighborhood and wanting to live a better life. The American dream is something that every American envisions…

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