Essay on Talent Management : A Diverse Talent Pool

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Talent management basically refers to the desire to select and hire a high-quality, well-educated, and highly-skilled labor force. Ariss, Cascio, and Paauwe (2014) stated, “If it is to be redefined, building on the definition of TM given by Collings and Mellahi (2009), we conceptualize TM as ‘activities and processes that involve the following: (1) systematic identification of positions that differentially contribute to an organization’s sustainable competitive advantage; (2) the development of a diverse talent pool to fill these roles, and the development of a differentiated human resource architecture to facilitate filling them; and (3) continued commitment to the organization and to the well-being of societies, while taking local and national context into account.’ (p. 177).
The selection of the right talent for UTT is important not only to the existing staff, but to the students (current and former) as well as the community at large. UTT is more likely to increase enrollment and retain students when they receive the quality service expected on a continuous basis which makes their collegiate experience a positive one. The Human Resources department at UTT practices and is a proponent of talent management. In addition to prospective employees possessing a high-quality education, UTT stresses the importance of seeking future employees that are moral and ethical, are willing problem solvers, and have excellent social skills. The Human Resource Department at UTT has a goal…

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