Essay on Taken By Michael Karounos

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The Film “Taken” by Michael Karounos tells us of Bryan, a retired CIA agent, who had lost his family due to his love for work. His excessive hours at work caused conflict within his marriage and home life. After retiring, Bryan moved closer to Kim, his daughter, as an attempt to reconnect. However, Kim got an opportunity to spend the summer in Paris with her friend. Bryan was against Kim going. But, Lenore, his ex-wife, made him feel bad for his years of not being around for his family. Bryan was relented and accepted Kim’s trip with several stipulations. On arrival in Paris Kim and her friend are kidnapped by Albanian traffickers right in the middle of Kim’s phone call with her Dad. A pivotal scene in the movie was when Kim was on the phone with her father and trying to hide from the kidnappers. Bryan instructs Kim to go under the bed and hide. However, her attempts are futile, and Kim and her friend were taken. Thankfully Bryan was able to instruct Kim on shouting details for him to easily track her and her kidnappers down. Bryan flies to Paris in search of Kim, reaching out to an old acquaintance he’d once worked with and who still works with the French Intelligence Agency. He got a lead from a kidnapped girl he rescued at a construction site. She explained that Kim was wearing a denim blue jacket on the day she left. These victimized girls were forced to take and become addicted to drugs so that they would be easier to control and easier for abusers to use their…

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