Analysis Of Park Avenue

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The film Park Avenue provides a glimpse of how the rich become richer and how their actions effect individuals in a lower socioeconomic class. On one side of Park Avenue it houses some of the richest people in the world while on the other side of Park Avenue so many families are struggling daily to find employment. The top 1% continue to gain wealth by buying/rigging elections in their favor, covering up environmental mishaps, and cutting necessary welfare programs. This is important to social workers because it makes it more difficult for us to find resources for our clients. As a whole the rich dictates what goes on in society and that is not fair.
As the top 1% become wealthier and spend frivolously, it impacts the way the rest of America
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In Newman and O’Brians (2011) Taxing the Poor it explains how an increase in taxes for the poor also increases bad things like mortality rates, obesity, and crime (p. 372-373). High mortality rates can be attributed to a lack of quality healthcare or having healthcare at all. An increase in crime is inevitable when people are poor and there is a lack of employment. Disadvantaged individuals and families cannot afford organic foods and are forced to eat things that are cheap and processed, which are usually high in calories and lead to an increase in obesity (Newman & O’Brian, 2011, p. 373). The rich paying so much less in taxes effects the poorer populations outcomes so negatively which is a conflict in America.
The top earners who live on the wealthier side of Park Avenue are considered a part of the power elite. The power elite are those who make the most money and have the most influence when making decisions. Mills (1965), explains in The Power Elite that the economy is controlled by conglomerates (p. 74), and this is true. In the film it shows how the Koch brothers were responsible for over 300 oil spills by the year 2000. The oil has effected the ecosystem, which affects us all. Everyone needs the natural resources the earth
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One thing the wealthy on Park Avenue fight for is tax relief. I want ensure that taxes are fair and being applied to the proper programs. I would make sure that there are enough funds allocated for social service programs. No individual or family should have to go without. I think social work agencies can also come together like a union, because I believe we are stronger in numbers. Working towards a common goal together would make it easier for our concerns to be heard. Government will not listen to one person, but they will consider listening to

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