A Year Off Before College

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Majority of the thoughts going through the head of a high school graduate are, “I finally get to take a year off before going into college now!” or “I’m finally done with school!”, but, it’s actually the start of something new. After graduating high school, nearly every individual plans to attend college for their first time, of course after summer ends. Which can and generally be the smartest decision they could ever make after graduating high school. But there are also some graduates who believe since they have worked so hard in their years of high school that they deserve to take a year off before entering college. And it should not matter to anyone else what a high school graduate does after finishing school, especially if they want to …show more content…
A long process that majority of the people had wished they had finished sooner in their lives, but failed to do so due to them taking time off before going back to school. Getting a job out in the world can be both easy and difficult, but it is mostly extremely competitive, especially at universities. Usually jobs like to have people who are experienced but then again, jobs also want people who are young and quick, and who have all their education requirements dealt with as well. Taking a year off after graduating just makes the road to a successful future become longer than it already it. So why waste time by taking a year off when a student could to college right after graduating and achieve their goals in life faster? There is also a long line of people who could tell anyone to make college their main priority because they wish they could make the clock go in reverse and change the decision they made to take a year off. Plus, why stop now when the future is staring at you wondering why the opportunities it is offering has not been taken yet. As a fresh new high school graduate decides whether or not he or she should take a year off before entering college or not. They should lean more towards not taking that year off, mainly because of all the cons. There is also an endless amount of students out there who wish that they had gone to college earlier. Plus college is a brand new lifestyle that is more open to a student’s ideas and time. So in the end, high school graduates should not take a year off before entering college. And if any high school graduate knew the costs of taking a year off before going to college, would they still take that year

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