Tagerty's Cosmetics Industry Analysis

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Organizational Structure is an inevitable part of the organization, it can be found in every organization. It is the framework within which the employees of the organization are arranged according to their function and position to achieve the goals of the organization. The organizational structure depends on various factors such as the type of organization, product, and revenue. There is the strong relationship between the organization structure and the employee performance.

For the tregety Pvt Ltd we recommend the above structure in which on the top the level it includes the owners/CEO of the company, then it is followed by the general manager who will head different sub-departments of Canada. The general manager is responsible
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As it is clear from table 1 and 2 that men’s grooming industry is growing day by day with the little downfall in 2014 so Tagerty has an opportunity to enter and grow in the Canadian cosmetics market. Additionally, data also shows that consumers prefer to buy premium products that too from store-based retailers, health and beauty specialist retailers and Drugstores/pharmacies popularly. Therefore, the company should focus on selling products through these channels and should focus on one particular segment of men consumers.
Hence the marketing mix for Tagerty will be as below:
• Product: Tagerty has to offer Men’s grooming or cosmetics products which are premium, but less expensive than already established brands. Hagerty should initially enter with an ethnocentric approach towards product and then after viewing consumer behavior towards the product it can customize according to demand.
Moreover, for packaging, it can customize visuals according to Canadian culture and can hire popular celebrity of Canada for product
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Tagerty should use its digital selling and product specialty as a competitive advantage. If the target will be successful in spreading brand awareness, then by using the right marketing tool, it can generate more revenue and spread its business to other parts of Canada. As Men 's cosmetics market it expected to grow in future, therefore, it is a high time for Tagerty to enter the market and establish itself. There is a more scope of growth in skin care products so Tagerty can focus on one category also to establish

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