Relationship Between Price Consciousness, And Consumer Attitude Toward Gray Market Beauty Products

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As mentioned in the previous paragraph, price difference is one of the key factors that lead to gray market, in addition, gray market goods does not provide the guarantee well (Chang, 1993, Zhuang and Tsang 2008). Therefore, while measuring customers attitude toward gray market goods, price and risk would be the variables in the research.

3.3.1 Relationship between ‘Price consciousness’ and ‘Consumers attitude toward gray market beauty products’

When purchasing the same product of the same brand, consumer would reference the authorized channel as the standard, therefore, consumer would be appealed by the cheaper price that sell in gray market, that is how the seller in the gray market channel attract the consumers (Huang et al., 2004).
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In comparison with authorized channel, consumer could not make sure where the product is made, in addition, consumer could not make sure the product is exactly the same as the authorized product, which would affect the consumer’s attitude (Huang et al., 2004). Such research has correspond with (Liao and Hsieh, 2013) that there is a higher chance to buy the black market products, as know as counterfeit product, when buying the gray market products. Purchasing the gray market products are also more likely to face the financial risk, performance risk, physical risk, psychological risk and social and time risk.(Wortzel, 1979 ; Grewal et al., 1994 ; Maille and Hoffmann, 2013 ; Park et al., 2013 ; Roselius, 1971).

H3. There is a negative relationship between ‘risk awareness’ and ‘consumers attitude toward gray market beauty products’.

H4. There is a negative relationship between ‘risk awareness’ and ‘willingness to purchase gray market beauty products’.

3.3.4 The variable between consumers’ attitude toward gray market beauty products and
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Notwithstanding of the consumer’s attitude toward the attributes of the product, the lower the involvement is, the stronger the consumer would buy the product on an impulse. On the contrary, if the consumer has a high involvement toward the product, they would make more effort and spend more time that whether they should purchase the product. As the result, for those consumer who has a positive attitude and higher involvement toward gray market products would have the stronger willingness to purchase the gray market

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