Correlation Between Coffee Consumers

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The aim of this investigation is to determine if there is any link between coffee consumers and Tabaco consumers. In order to get the data necessary, I will survey different age groups and the percentage of consumers who drink coffee or smoke. To get the data necessary for the IA, I have created a survey in which people will answer 7 questions in which there will be questions that will ask at what age did they start drinking coffee or how often do they smoke cigarettes.
 Here are some statistics on coffee drinking consumers in which it shows the percentage of drinkers worldwide: Coffee consumption: Over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This represents over 150 million daily drinkers and over 30 million
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More than ¼ of the participants have tried coffee and another ¼ of participants do not smoke.
Graph number 2 shows the results from the participants from 18-21 years old who drink, who smoke, who does not smoke and who does not drink. In the graph, you can appreciate that the amount of drinkers between the age 18-21 is really big, anyhow, the amount of smokers is really big too. Which means that between the age 18-21 drink and smoke more. However, from the graph you can appreciate that the participants from 18-21 years old drink and smoke on a regular basis. Anyhow, the participants from 21-24 years old, do also drink and smoke on a regular basis.
This could reflect that the consumption of coffee between teenagers comes from traying it with their parents, but many of them try outside their home. However, not many teenagers try smoking with their parents since it is not a common
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Anyhow, the results received with my survey weren’t exactly as I predicted in my hypothesis since even if Tabaco and coffee are related, there are more variables we are missing. When looking at the numbers, there is no concrete correlation as the increases were not close. While looking at the graphs, I could observe that it was much easier to understand with the different ages, the different consumptions of coffee and Tabaco. With Tabaco, people become much more addicted in time that with coffee. However, the coffee frequencies remained the same level, since it is more of a social substance, by that, meaning that coffee is not a substance to should be taken regulary since it makes it more of a hustle because of the effects and the amounts. By looking at the data, it made it easier to justify and understand the reasons of the consumption of the products. With this I conclude that there is correlation between Tabaco and coffee between teenagers, but not to such an extent that one causes the other. The correlation is only coincidental and does not indicate that both products are related. With this, I refer that the consumption of coffee or Tabaco, does not make a person want to try the other one. Both products are products which you can buy in practically any store, and in the statistics, it was

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