Bremer Care Case Study

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The foundation of TLC is organized by a series of organized groups. The first group is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors ultimately approves or disapproves any policy posed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director looks at the day to day operation in the organization. The Associate Director follows the Executive Director. The Associate Director then oversees the accounting side of things and human resources and quality insurances. The Associate Director provides two types of services, services in the homes and employment. The in home services work with both people with disabilities and elderly. Most of the clients have a mental illness, then intellectual disabilities. In home services involve personal care such as bathing, dressing, taking medication, and supervision of their safety (The Larrabee Center Inc).
Employment is the second services provided by the Associated Director. The Associate Directors help train people with disabilities for possible employment opportunities. Trinkets and Togs Thrift Store and the
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The organization had to privatize the functioning of the program in order to access federal funds for the operation. The location of TLC was known as “County Poor Farm” dating back from 1873. The farm was self-sufficient because it grew the crops it needed to feed the poor. The poor farm later extends its services to people with disabilities. In 1989, the County Poor Farm changed its name to the Bremer Care Facility (The Larrabee Center Inc)
Finally, in 1994, the organization became the Larrabee Center, as a result of a staff contest for renaming the agency. The acronym TLC was chosen due to what TLC represented, Tender Loving Care. The day program for TLC started in 1995. Today the center will serve nearly 40 clients per year in various living arrangements. About 25 % of clients live on properly owned by TLC (The Larrabee Center

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