System Integration and Validation Essay

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System Integration and Validation
Computer technology has advanced enough to help auditors find more efficient ways to audit. By using different auditing techniques and utilizing audit productivity software auditors can find errors in a business computer system faster and easier. Using this type of computer technology improves Audit documentation and processes. Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques or CAAT’s can be used to validate data and system integrity by using different types such as testing data, integrated test facility and parallel simulation etc. Also by integrating Audit productivity software such as electronic working papers, groupware, and reference libraries, and document management, an auditor’s personal productivity is
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Utilizing Audit Productivity Software in Systems Designed
There are different types of audit productivity software that can help an auditor. Software that can be utilized includes electronic working papers, groupware, reference libraries, and document management. E-working papers are paperless technology that allows an auditor to automate the process of generating schedules or internal control questionnaires. E-working papers can be utilized in the systems designed because they are compatible with such programs as work, excel and PowerPoint. Groupware allows sharing of information across firms between the auditor and the client. This can easily be used in the systems designed because it allows multi-users and the programs can assist in audits. Reference libraries and document management are software’s that allow the auditor to search for items easily over the web. Reference libraries can keep items such as policies and procedures readily accessible; document management keeps items such as previous taxes readily accessible to the auditor. These different Software’s can be easily be used in systems designed because they do not need to be integrated into the system rather, they need to be a compliment to the system. This software can help easily obtain information in order to utilize the system

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