Essay about Symptoms And Treatments Of Smith Magenis Syndrome

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Smith-Magenis Syndrome has no known cure, but there are treatments to help alleviate the effects of this disorder from the family (Raising Children Network). Many of these treatments are trial treatments, meaning that it is an experimental treatment where the head scientist or researcher will test different therapies or medication that could potentially help. Many parents of children with this disorder have given their child a dosage of melatonin at night to see if it would help increase the amount of sleep the child got and decrease the number of disturbances. It has been reported that the melatonin medication has caused no major adverse reactions and have been a helpful tool for the parents to use. However, over the counter melatonin medication is not regulated by the FDA and therefore do not have exact dosages (Prisms). So far, there has not been an effective treatment for the sleep disturbances and moreover there are currently no controlled treatments for testing underway (National Human Genome Research Institute). The only treatments that are offered by doctors and researchers that have been tested are speech and language therapy, monitoring the child’s hypercholesterolemia, and special education programs (Smith, et al.). Smith-Magenis Syndrome is a genetic disorder meaning that it involves our human make-up, our genes, the things that make each of the people on this world different. This genetic disorder involves a deletion or mutation of a specific region of…

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