Symptoms And Treatment Of Staff Nurses On Inpatient Psychiatric Units

1103 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
Staff nurses on inpatient psychiatric units are at the forefront in providing direct patient care to some ill populations such as schizophrenics and its many complexities. Staff nurses carry out orders written by providers which often includes some of the most perplex psychotropic medications such as atypical Second Generation Antipsychotics (SGAs). As with most medications, there are often times adverse drug reactions (ADRs) may be present and these effects can be quite troublesome, diminish the quality of life, thus patient outcome. The decision to put patients on certain medications is often a risk versus benefit or based on harm reductions. Justification for this topic of interest is to improve staff knowledge regarding some of our most frequently used medications, i.e, second generation antipsychotics and its most frequent side effects such as metabolic syndrome to treat some of society’s most devastating conditions which includes but not limited to schizophrenia, psychotic mood disorder, acute psychotic episodes, brief reactive psychosis, schizophreniform disorder, atypical psychosis and or organic mental syndromes (i.e. dementia with psychotic and or agitated features). The purpose of the Web intervention is to create a sensible application for unit nurses to access information about Second-Generation Antipsychotics (SGAs), therapeutic used and most common side effects nurses may monitor on a day to day interactions with their patients. This will in turn provide an…

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