The Importance Of Sepsis

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What is sepsis? According to the Nationals institute of General Medical Science, “Sepsis is a serious condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection.” Anyone can get sepsis, however, people with immature or weak immune systems are at greatest risk. Sepsis, if not treated early and aggressively can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and possibly even death. In years past, due to lack of knowledge about medical hygiene patients ended up with serious infections resulting in sepsis (Sepsis History). Due to these infections and learning about their pathophysiology it has lead us to discover the need for improved medical hygiene and taught us aseptic techniques. Sepsis can be caused by several different micro organisms.These
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While treatment is taking place, certain tests are run to see the severity of the patient 's condition. These tests include blood cultures, blood samples that continuously register the blood counts, and monitoring of urine output in order to assess if the kidneys have been damaged in any way. (NHS choices: sepsis treatment) While our body has many defense mechanisms, with sepsis these mechanisms are severely compromised. Red blood cells are dying and dehydrated, which means they cannot carry oxygen or supply the body with key nutrients needed to maintain homeostasis. The treatments that are used try to regain pre-septic state, in the following way. Antibiotics are used to fight and kill the bacterial cells, intravenous fluids are used to hydrate the cells causing the decrease in their death, the oxygen helps supplement the body due to the cells that have died and can no longer carry oxygen throughout the body. These are the standard treatments for sepsis as with any treatment there always side effects. patients must be monitored while on antibiotics because sometimes not only do we kill the bad bacteria we kill good bacteria it can also make people very sick for example c.difficile it 's something that 's normally found in the body but when you have too much antibiotics it actually runs rampant and causes somebody to be very very …show more content…
as discussed in this paper if detected early and treatment is started quickly the outcome can be positive. Our body 's immune system is very compromised when we become septic and no longer can fight the disease as it normally would therefore complementary interventions are needed as evidence by antibiotic therapy oxygen and intravenous fluids. It is important to know our body 's defense system on a cellular level in order for treatments to be developed so that no one has to die from sepsis that can start from something as simplistic as a paper

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