Symptoms And Treatment Of Epilepsy Essay

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Having a former brain disorder myself, I have always been interested into what epilepsy is, what causes it and how it can possibly affect my own body. “Estimates suggest that in the United States, approximately 5% of children will experience a seizure prior to the age of 20. And about 25% of those whose experience a conclusive episode will go on to meet formal criteria for epilepsy, which requires recurrent unprovoked seizures.” (MacAllister, Schaffer, 2007, p. 227) While epilepsy is most common in children whom they are very likely to out grow, there are other circumstances when epilepsy can affect adults. The topic of this paper is includes some background knowledge on epilepsy; why seizures occur, what causes them and how an individual can be affected long term also, discussing the best treatment options one being medical marijuana which is researched to be one of the if not the best form of medications given to chronic epileptic patients.
Epilepsy has been a misunderstood diseased leading many people to believe there is no cure and every epileptic person is the same, when in fact there are various different types of seizures that make every epileptic individual different. Also it is important to know that a person living with epilepsy is able to live a full, normal life given the right medication. “The earliest-known treatise on epilepsy set the stage for the conflict between natural and supernatural concepts of the disease, which continued for over 2000 years.”…

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