Symptoms And Treatment Of Acne Essay example

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Melissa Cavello came in for an appointment concerning a severe break out of acne covering her face and shoulders. Background information for her includes fourteen years old, no allergies, no previous diagnosis, vital signs were normal were within normal range, weight being 135lbs, and acne has become progressively worse over the past three months. Her history includes that she has visited multiple other doctors that have only ruled out any hormonally issues that may result in acne. The doctor then advises running some tests to check for the most common pathogen responsible for this phenomenon Propionibacterium, which is known for 85% of infected acne responses.
Physical and Laboratory Findings
To begin the process of identifying the causative organism, a physical investigation can be done, because acne is a visible disease. Then the doctor will begin laboratory tests to verify the causative organism. By swabbing the acne on the visual site, the bacteria can be isolated and stained to find out whether it is Game positive or Gram negative, after Gram staining, there will be an ability to view the morphology or shape of this bacteria. The doctor can further test for the bacteria present, after the doctor uses gram staining, they can then use the catalase test, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests to further positively identify the bacteria present.
Gram staining is done by first heat fixing the organism to a slide from a slant. Then there is a process of staining the…

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