Essay on Symptoms And Symptoms Of A Stroke

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After having a stroke the incomparably common impairments are weakness on one side of the body, joint pain, muscle stiffness or spasms spasticity, problems with sense of touch or ability to feel different temperatures, pain, numbness, tingling in your limbs, and trouble with starting or coordinating body movements, also known as apraxia. When I had my stroke my cognitive processes and emotions caused the other problems that I encountered; these were speech and language problems, memory and cognitive problems, perception, vision, and emotional problems such as fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, and depression caused by my strong antipathy. In order to overcome all of the roadblocks that were placed in my path, I was compelled to work and try not to actually think about it for the reason that is what uniquely works for me. The incredibly effective way to recover from a stroke is through understanding what a stroke is, acceptance of the challenges it brings, physical therapy, speech, occupational therapy, typing, fine motor skills, strengthening-focus, and having people there for emotional support.

Never in a million year would my family or anyone else have thought that this would happen to me, let alone any other 14 year old. When I first went through my stroke two years ago I had lost everything. I had complete paralyzation of my right side. The left side of my brain had been completely fried, so absolutely everything on my right was gone, including some bodily functions.…

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