Case Study: Nursing Management Of A Patient With Stroke

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Case Study: Nursing Management of a patient with Stroke


This essay will consider the case of John, a stroke patient. Biological as well as psycho-social aspects of his condition will be presented and the impact on his health condition;
He is an active smoker and occasionally drinking over the weekend (2 bottles of wine), recently retired and used to work as a lorry driver for Ford. He lives alone, independently. His wife died 2 years ago and his only daughter lives nearby. He is a 67 year old male, white British with a history of hypertension, was diagnosed with Left Parietal ICH (Intracerebral haemorrhage) after reporting on A&E sudden onset RSW (right side weak) slurred speech (Dysarthria) and confusion.
The patient was met in a stroke rehabilitation ward after being in the care of specialists from the acute stroke unit. The author met John while in a hospital setting placement and his improvement was noticeable and it was easy to follow the treatment pathway. John was indubitable extremely involved in his treatment, proactive in his recovery and willing to get well soon to go back to his normal life. John was approachable, open and consented(Royal College of Nursing RCN 2011) for the author to have access on his
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The blood carries nutrients and oxygen is pumped from the heart to the brain through the arteries. The faulty blood flow results in brain cells damage or death. Around 85% of strokes are ischaemic stroke as an effect of blood clot. However, the rest of 15% of strokes are haemorrhagic that could be either Intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) a bleed within the brain or Subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) a bleeding on the brain caused by a ruptured blood

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