Theme Of The Old Man Was Dreaming About The Lions

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Even though Santiago’s life is largely boring and uneventful, one thing he holds onto is the lions. They symbolize Santiago’s fond memory of a better time. He mentions that he no longer dreams of storms, women, great fish, fights, etc. He only dreams of places and lions on the beach. Santiago cares so much about the lions that he compares his love for them to his love for the boy, Manolin. After returning from his treacherous journey at sea, Santiago goes to bed and sleeps. The final words of the novella were, “The old man was dreaming about the lions” (127). Even when he was physically and mentally exhausted, the lions were still in his dreams. This shows how much the image of the lions was ingrained into his mind, and it also represents
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The old man was going through an unlucky time, unable to catch a supplementary fish in 84 days, when he finally hooks one. As the Marlin dragged the old man farther and farther away from land, it's parallel to the old man became more apparent. Santiago views this fish as equal to oneself, and while out in the ocean trying to reel in the fish, he says to himself,” It is enough to live on the sea and kill our true brothers” (75). He was mentally hurt by having to kill his “true brother” and had to persevere through much agony to do so. The old man was, “...wet with sweat and tired deep into his bones…”(87). While being in that state of physical pain, he says to himself,” I could not fail myself… God help me endure” (87). He pushed through at the hardest times of his journey to achieve his goal no matter the pain he suffers. The old man gives everything he has to capture the Marlin, as the fish was an incentive to push through at hard times in life. Although the man fails to catch the fish after a series of unfortunate events, the fish still is a symbol for the Santiago’s rebirth, as it offers him numerous lessons in the process of fighting the ideal …show more content…
These eyes symbolize all things alive in Santiago. His willingness to fight, and internal strength along with his passionate connection to the sea, are demonstrated by his eyes. Ernest Hemingway in the exposition of the novella makes a point to emphasize and contrast the man’s appearance to his eyes. “Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated”(10). This connects his youthful spirit to the ocean, and shows how even as his body wears down, his heart and soul continue to glisten. Through all of his struggles, Santiago remains resolute, but at points in the novella, his eyes would dull, signifying his internal strength running out. This symbol plays a major role in this story, as it represents what kept the old man from

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