Santiago Hemingway Code Hero Analysis

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Santiago: a Hemingway Code Hero
The Old Man and The Sea is a book about an introspective fisherman who has a sense of adventure. Santiago, the main character, goes out fishing and endures one of the greatest battles of his life. As most code heroes do, he perseveres and lives to see another day. He believes “a man can be destroyed but not defeated” (Hemingway 103). This mindset of his allows him to get through life each day. The old man never backed down even in the darkest of times. Above all he remained undefeated even though this nearly cost him his life. Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is an example of a Hemingway code hero. He demonstrates the attributes of heroism such as perseverance, determination, and courage.
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Furthermore, he shows courage and strength even when he is cut up and bleeding. Like a true code hero Santiago persists and suffers valiantly. The old man shows control even though suffering because “he did not admit the suffering at all” (Hemingway 64). The old man was calm even in the face of death. He knew he had to avoid death and keep going despite the constant struggles he had to face. When Santiago thought the sharks had beaten him he continued to fight. The old man used all his resources because his code does not allow him to accept …show more content…
He has persevered through numerous challenges. Santiago’s seeming lack of physical strength almost convinces him he cannot continue, however, defeat is not an option for him. This mindset reflects the true sentiment of the Hemingway code hero never backing down in the midst of defeat. The heroic nature of Santiago comes alive when he seems to be most defeated. While he may appear unsuccessful, the old man’s internal dignity never wavers. He constantly stays true to his code in the face of difficulty. Even though he had little hope Santiago keeps fighting with dignity against his

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