Essay Symbolic Interactionism And Critical Race Theory

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One of the most pressing issues since the beginning of the very idea of a society would be the issue of racism. Racism has been interpreted to mean many different things, some argue it to be systemic while some simply state it to be based off of interpersonal interactions. Sociology is a social science that attempts to explain racism in many different ways. Sociology can be described as the study of society or the study of large groups of people. Sociologists look at these groups and tries to determine the cause and reason behind many of the social phenomena that exist and make themselves present in everyday life. Humans are complex beings and as a result there are several theories that sociologists have developed to describe why our social interactions happen the way they do. Symbolic interactionism and Critical Race Theory are two theories that can be used to analyze the subcategory of racism that is disproportionate school discipline.
Critical Race Theory operates on the premise that racism is engrained in U.S social structures (Luvara, 2016). It is skeptical of any other theories or research that claims to be colorblind or based on the idea of meritocracy. This theory is also intersectional and takes in to account different aspects of social advantages and disadvantages. It insists on contextual and historical analysis, as these factors play a huge role in explaining why the critical race theory is valid. A critical race theorist would argue that things such as income,…

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