Theories Of Sociological Perspective

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1. Sociologist uses social perspective to understand human society and how everything around us affects us. The relationship society has on human behavior and actions. For example, the internet affects human behavior and the society around us because affects our behavior. The way that we can uniquely see and understand it in a social perspective is by practicing beginner’s mind. American Sociologist, Bernard McGrane, proposed beginner’s mind in where one would have to see society without the knowledge one has of the things happening around us. He describes it as “If we would like to better understand the world around us, then we must unlearn what we already know.” Bernard McGrane suggested to actually study society by just standing in a public place and do nothing but see the way each person reacts. By doing this, people realize and see things differently. A question that the view on the internet in structural functionalism might ask is how it applies to solidarity. In our textbook, it states that functionalism theory will help our society to make racial and ethnic problems be part of a whole society. The internet contributes to the society’s structure because of its acceptance in today’s …show more content…
Studying an issue such as the internet from different perspectives adds to our understanding by allowing us to see what affects human society overall. There are moments that probably as Bernard McGrane states in our textbook, “the opposite of expert’s mind, which is so filled with facts, projections, assumptions, opinions, and explanations that it can’t learn anything new” so it doesn’t allow them to see society with a different perspective. Many people may think to themselves why do certain people act the way they do, or why do we have to do things the way it is. Studying these issues on different perspectives allows us to understand and see how society was created and why life is the way it is, and if it will grow or would it go around to the way that old times use to

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