Symbol Of Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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A mockingbird does not harm anybody without reason; all they do is sing their hearts out for us. Harper lee uses the symbol of a mockingbird as two very similar characters to portray the meaning and significance of the symbol of innocence.
Much like a Mockingbird, boo Radley stays in the quiet comfort of his house not bothering anyone. However, Boo Radley really emphasized the innocent protection part of a mockingbird in the scene where he saves Jem and Scout from being attacked by Bob Ewell, “... he was carrying jem.”(303). In comparison to a mockingbird, Boo only hurt Bob in defense of the children. He quietly watched and saved the children in their time of need. In further evidence, when Boo Radley was at Scout and Jem’s house and Heck Tate came to the conclusion that Boo had been the one to kill Bob, they decided to cover up the incident This is where Scout realized that Boo was in fact a Mockingbird and says, “it’d be sorta like shootin a mockingbird...” in the case of if they brought action to this innocent person who did not want it. Boo is a bird that just wants to be left alone so he can continue his duty of protecting the children from afar. Lee used Boo’s character as a Mockingbird and how his actions speak more than his words when he defends the children he cares so much about
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As the title of the book states To Kill a Mockingbird you later find out that Tom Robinson was the reason behind it. It shows that to kill a mockingbird generally translates To Kill an Innocent Person. Whereas Tom Robinson was clearly not guilty in his trial because all he did was innocently helped a young women that took advantages of him. Sadly as the mockingbird, he was killed because of nothing he did. He was targeted not for his character, but for his appearance. That is how Lee use the prejudiced attitudes of everyone in the book and how Tom Robinson was killed as a mockingbird. toms

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