Swot Analysis: the Fitness Center Industry Essay

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SWOT Analysis: Fitness Centers Industry
Courtney Albertson
30 March 2015
Matthew Hazlett

SWOT Analysis: Fitness Center Industry It today’s society, “going to the gym” has become a normal phrase heard around the world; however, the fitness center industry is not exactly in the spot light of today’s media and headline news. So, that sparks the interest of what makes the fitness center industry succeed, what are their strengths. What about the fitness center industry in the future; are there weaknesses that could ultimately cause them to fail as a whole? What about opportunities that could add to their success? Are there threats that lean on the shoulders of those managing such an industry? With all this curiosity, a SWOT
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While, for the industry as a whole, numbers are well and positive cash flow is obvious, the prices that some gyms or clubs need to charge a customer is astonishing, and ultimately is a weakness of the business. And, perhaps the largest and most dwelling weakness, for both a large franchise and a local gym, is that of seasonal business. It is no secret or surprise that gyms and clubs spike in revenue and memberships around the New Year, this because it is a common “resolution” of the new year, to become healthy and what a better location than a gym, right? Though, those “resolutions” soon fade away, and well, memberships are often times not renewed. The final weakness of the fitness center industry, is that of trend; again, it is no secret that in today’s society, it seems as if everyone is “going to the gym” and getting healthy, but what happens if or when that popular trend fades out?
The external factors, the opportunities and threats, of the fitness center industry are where we find our strategic tasks and goals of the industry as a step toward the future. First, the opportunities of an industry are anything that is a possibility to improve and move that industry in to the future, all while giving competitive businesses an edge over the other to sway consumers one way or another. The opportunities of the fitness center industry

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