Swot Analysis : Strategic Human Resource Management Essays

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Strategic Human Resource Management is the close alignment between organizational and HRM strategies, processes, functions and outcomes (Nankervis, A et al. 2013). SHRM is imperative for any organisation to succeed. It is essential that SHRM is addressed in modern organisations and in turn will provide many advantages that will be beneficial and facilitate the growth and success of the organisation. Reaching the goals and objectives, maintaining a competitive advantage and increasing employee commitment to the organisation are all advantages, which are provided to modern day organisations through Strategic Human Resource Management.

SHRM is crucial for an organisation in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Employees are regarded as the most valuable asset to an organisation (Nankervis, A et al. 2013) and by relying on the cooperation and support of the employees within the organisation and effective communication through all departments of the organisation; the goals and objectives can be achieved. However for the goals and objectives to be attained organisations will need to adopt the recruitment strategy. Recruitment is the sum of activities and processes that aim to provide a pool of qualified persons from which the successful candidate may be chosen. (Nankervis, A et al. 2013). By adopting this strategy allows for the organisation to grow and ensures that the potential employees are appropriately qualified with the required knowledge and skills. Recruiting…

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