Swot Analysis Of Whatsapp

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One Year Marketing Plan
WhatsApp Messenger App
Table of Contents
1. Product description
2. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis
3. Market-Product Focus
4. Marketing Program
5. Works Cited 1. Product Description
Being a Kenyan-American citizen can be bittersweet at times. The sweet part is, how amazing the Kenyan culture is, the bitter part is, not being able to communicate with family members back home. Sending a text message or making a phone call to someone in Kenya costs you a lot of time and money. In 2010, the creative team of Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who had years of experience being with the company Yahoo, decided to leave Yahoo and create WhatsApp ("WhatsApp"). It is hard to believe that WhatsApp messenger
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With the purpose of uniting and letting people across the globe continue to effectively and efficiently communicate with one anther.
2. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis
A strength that is very useful with having WhatsApp is, you don’t have to worry about having to memorize all of the contact that are in your phone. As soon as you download the app, all of your contacts that are already in your phone are automatically synched to the app. After your contacts are automatically synched, the app will let you know which one of your contacts are using the app.
A weakness with WhatsApp is, the user must have access to Wi-Fi connection or have data in your phone in order to access the app. This is a tremendous weakness because, Wi-Fi is not readily available in third world countries as it is here in the states. From asking users that come from third world countries and from personally using the app. As soon as you leave an area where there is no Wi-Fi, or as soon as your data package ends, there is no way for someone to get in touch with you.
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The price won’t change with the development of new software. Customers will be allowed to send and make unlimited phone calls and messages and much more without having to worry about price.
Promotion Strategy:
WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook. Facebook could do a better job of promoting WhatsApp, whether through banners, or advertisements. In doing so, there will be an increase in members that are from the United States and it will increase brand recognition globally. Facebook will also be able to dominate the messaging world, because they will have both Facebook messenger users and WhatsApp users. WhatsApp will also introduce special promotions, such as discounts to popular stores around the world, to show customers how valuable they are to the company.
Place Strategy:
Build corporate offices and help centers around major cities in the world. These offices will have mangers and associates that are specially trained to help customers with any issues that may arise with the app or to get clarification on how to use the

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