Swot Analysis Of Gourmet Coffee

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Primary Target Audience
Tramonto Gourmet Coffee (TGC) consumers generally are younger, further upscale, and educated will become the skyrocketing aspect of the brand. However, recent studies have shown that the trend toward occasional drinkers are continuing while espresso drinks continue to rise in popularity (Coffee Shop). Therefore, expending of gourmet coffee has remained steady in purchasing power. Gourmet coffee has been the strongest growing part of the market, and is a trend which occasional coffee drinkers continue to surge in popularity. About 37% of total coffee consumers is classified as gourmet (25 Coffee Shop Industry Statistics and Trends).
Geographic Location:
Nearly, seventy-seven percent of U.S. adults drink coffee daily,
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• Commitment- standing behind the dedication of the individuals who have made it their life 's work to continually make quality their highest priority.
• Passion- producing a specialty coffee brand that can only occur when all of those involved in the coffee value chain work in harmony and maintain an eager focus on standards and excellence from beginning to end. However, this is no easy accomplishment, and yet Tramonto Gourmet Coffee has dedicated professionals to compose the best beans for the consumer to be able to brew the cup of joe every time.
Respect- there are countless specialty coffee brands available right now and across the globe. Therefore, TGC wants to be the specialty coffee brand right around the corner for their consumers.
Tramonto Gourmet Coffee’s brand message is a high-end specialty coffee made for the true “coffee
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The consumer that purchase this brand of coffee will have the intrinsic mindset to direct the concerning local sensibilities and be connected to yearn for distinctiveness in the specialty coffee brand.

• Positioning: For the Tramonto Gourmet Coffee brand, it is the consumer who completes the lifecycle of the specialty coffee bean by actively seeking out and choosing specialty coffee options. The high-end coffee brand takes the time to be devoted to quality. As the company takes a few concerns to gain knowledge from about the consumers whose passionate to enjoy a cup. In addition, TGC denotes not only a commitment to an elevated caliber of characteristics of taste and favor, however, also an obligation to a soaring quality of living for every person that is denote with the brand along the way.

• Experience: Tramonto Gourmet Coffee utilize technology to expand clarity in local community. Therefore, create fun and interesting customer loyalty programs and sell coffee associated

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