Swot Analysis Of Coca Cola Company Essay

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Coca- Cola Company laid its foundation in 1886 and now is the leading manufacturer and distributor of the world. It is now currently operating in more than 200 countries having brands of more than 230 in number. Around 80% of the company’s profit is from the United States. The Chairman of Coca Cola Company revealed that the main strength of the company is being global and it has achieved so by acting locally (Coca-cola.co.uk 2016). The company effectiveness and profit level is due to their strong m arket share and competitive rank in the world. Initially the company was just geographically located in US but with time, it soon spread to the other countries by adopting the market development strategy. In addition, Coca Cola has separated its geographical units where each unit has an organizational and operational section (Coca-cola.co.uk 2016). They have focused on the key elements of the markets, reporting lines and the flexibility so that the business gets adapted to such geographical features.

The Coca Cola Company has its headquarters in the midtown of Atlanta, Georgia. A home country is important for any organization because it helps in building up that organization. The norm of the home country’s culture has been divided into psychological and institutional level. The psychological level defines individual’s attitude, behavior for the organization and how they react to it whereas the institutional level defines those people who are group into the business organization…

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