SWOT Analysis for Applied Research Technologies Essay

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Problem Summary
Applied Research Technologies, Inc. (ART) is facing a strategic decision in its Water Filtration Unit. The long-standing project, currently named RIMOS, has faced two market introduction failures. Despite these setbacks, the technology continues to show promise and our analysis of the available data suggests successful market introduction of the product for residential irrigation is encouraging.

A SWOT and balanced scorecard analyses of marketing, finance and strategic human resource management were conducted in order to identify and decide upon potential courses of action. The following is a summary of our analysis for each respective area:

Our analysis indicates a potential market population
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Our analysis demonstrates the project will provide positive cash flows in the forecasted five-year period if the market penetration rate of .03% is met or exceeded and wholesale unit price is at least $1,000. Our analysis assumes the 20% ROI requirement, along with a 3% inflation rate to ensure cash flows in the NPV analysis meet or exceed an annual 20% ROI above inflation. In this case, ART’s 10/15/20 target requirements are met after year one. A negative NPV is observed if wholesale price or market penetration rates fall below $1,000, or .03%, respectively. To minimize the risk of financial loss and drain on division resources, divestiture of the current oil and gas filtration business could be used to partially fund RIMOS. The oil and gas filtration business units could be sold to a third party company looking to vertically integrate its operations.

Strategic Human Resource Management
Potential effects on organizational culture and human capital were considered for both go and no-go decisions on the RIMOS product. Our analysis suggests significant risks in talent retention, employee motivation and the integrity of ART’s entrepreneurial culture if the project is shut down. Our analysis anticipates at least partial divestiture of the Filtration Unit and has outlined strategic human capital management plans for each potential course of action.


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