Sustainable Development Goals : 17 Goals Essay

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Sustainable Development Goals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World

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Date of Submission Introduction The United Nations (UN) organization is a renowned group of dedicated individuals as well as companies who have come forward to offer a combinatory of assistive efforts towards supporting the wellbeing of mankind in a global realm. This assistance includes ensuring that the world governments effectively offer equal human rights and justice to all men and women without any sort of gender disparities in all aspects of life such as education, health care and employment among others. Moreover, the UN is focused at helping the countries which have intense problems and challenges in achieving paramount economic growth, infrastructural development and more importantly optimal nursing care for its citizens.
UN prioritizes the implementation of peace treaties which aim at accomplishing maximal freedom of humans in nations that are still facing war and strive. Furthermore, the UN serves several purposes which will be discussed in precisely within this research paper. These purposes include the establishment of genial relations amongst countries in the whole world, assist cooperation of nations in accomplishing further improvement of the livelihood of citizens especially those in abject poverty and other forms of suffering, ascertain that the world maintains peace and finally to prevent war situations in the best means possible.…

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