Sustainability Essay

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A business is defined as an organization engaged in the trade of goods, services or both to consumers. A business’s core responsibility is to earn a profit and increase the wealth of their stockholders. On the other hand a government’s role is to enforce laws, create new laws, and arbitrate conflicts to benefit the society in several ways including sustainability. Business owners whether for profit or non-profit are held accountable to the current Federal, State, and Local laws. If corporate sustainability reporting is not a current law then a company does not have the responsibility to incorporate disclosures relating to environmental, social and economic trends of the company resulting from sustainable actions into its financial …show more content…
In contrast to the report by Cascade Engineering, a privately held firm, a publicly held firm’s report fundamentally differs in a way that one of its objectives is to improve relations with the investors and consequently acquire investments from them. It includes information about financial critical success factors such as profitability. On the other hand we believe that both private and public companies have similar motives such as the ones mentioned above for cascade engineering. For example all businesses desire to retain and attract top talent, regardless of whether they are publicly or privately held. Since Cascade Engineering manages several brands such as Cascade Engineering Automotive Solutions and Cascade Renewable Energy, it is safe to conclude that different brands within the organization

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