Sustainability Essay

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Hi my name is Margie Lutvey.I am here today to provide recommendations and strategies for your business, Monsanto, through identifying the key problems and issues and provide you with a stakeholder management strategy that I find would be most effective for you and your organization. I will mainly be discussing the ethical dilemmas of sustainability faced by your company and the potential impacts its can have on you stakeholders.

Stakeholders are any group or individual who can affect or is affected by a firms objectives. Firms and organisations are better able to achieve their strategic objectives if they engage with their stakeholders. With engaging with stakeholders it is also a building block for better decision-making and minimizing
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However, another ethical dilemma that has great potential to affect the company negatively is Monsanto’s operations towards the safety precautions and treatment of their employees. This problem is caused by the pressure of management on employees, to eliminate or skip the safety precautions standard procedure of filling out a checklist before beginning operation. Management have put this strain on employees to cut out the safety requirements due to the company not meeting there quote.

Business ethics considers the ethical relationship between business, consumer and businesses, employees and business and the environment. An ethical dilemma occurs when you have a moral obligation to abide by two different courses of action. In this case the two conflicting issues are: meeting their production quota or meet safety demands. Another example within Monsanto’s operations would be reporting unethical wrongdoing by George who is engaged in some form of corporate fraud. Many employees in this situation would be conflicted in their fear of losing their jobs, making it difficult for them to meet obligations to provide for their families. However, by not reporting the wrongdoing, they put other stakeholders in jeopardy, which is what is present in Monsanto’s operations. If the employees don’t abide by what George, the assistant GM, is saying they may feel they will lose their job.

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