Sustainability : Sustainability Or Sustainable Essay

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Sustainability or sustainable, are words heard almost every day. While taking the course, Sustainability 1000, I continued to believe that the term sustainability means a variety of things to numerous people. I have learned, that it is in defining sustainability as a society and having a unanimous understanding of the meaning, that we will be able to change how people see the world. This lecture series reinforced my belief that sustainability is the connections from past and present to future generations, and how what we do impacts life on earth. It is the ability and capacity for something to be maintained for the present generation, without risking the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This paper will attempt to explain the change of sustainability over time, from being a way of life to something to protect. Before sustainability was even thought of, people were living in a sustainable way. They were living within their means, recognizing that they needed to work with the natural environment rather than against it. A great example of this is the salt marshes in Grand Pré. Salt marshes play a large role in the aquatic food web and the delivery of nutrients to coastal waters. It was also very important in dyking for agriculture purposes due to the marshland soil gain of nutrients per month compared to upland soil (personal communication, September 15, 2015). This showed the importance of wetlands to the east coast of Canada. It was a major part of the…

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