Sustainability Initiatives For A Greener Image Essay

1092 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
At approximately seven billion individuals, the population of the Earth continues to grow exponentially. Global warming, safe disposal of waste, and the renewability of resources have been a growing concern due to the massive amounts of waste that is being accumulated from over consumption. Furthermore, urban sprawl has been an ongoing trend among consumers that contributes to the waste dilemma. In society, the effort to address these issues has become known as sustainability initiatives or “green” movement. Many communities have launched recycling programs to support the initiative. With pressure from both consumers and governments to adopt sustainable business practices, it may be in the best interest of product manufactures to promote sustainability together with their product attributes. Various companies have already promoted sustainability through their products, while several have gone above and beyond to attach their brands to this movement in pursuance of a greener image. Coke, for example, did more than just print the little recycling logo on their packaging, the company came out with T-shirts that were completely made out of recycled plastic
Individuals need to consider the impact of their actions on the environment as a part of their daily routine, because what we do today will significantly impact the Earth and future generations for decades. Sustainability is now considered more than just a buzzword in society, and the team felt the issue is important enough…

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