Essay about Susan Atwood 's The Heroine

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Woman are set to create desire for men and often thought of the weak and vulnerable of the two sex. The romance formula glorifies the distance between sexes (Snitow 136). Atwood portrays woman as submissive and defenceless to the men. In “Woman’s Novels”, woman aren’t respected, men take their sexuality for granted, must be affiliated with love, and should always be married. Women often hide their “desires” to protect the reputation that they must maintain to keep status in society. In Women’s Novels the heroine needs to wear a costume to cover over her breast and all discretion. Women have to keep their sexuality to themselves and pretend to not have any sexual feelings towards their partners, only men can dominate over her and the heroine must act as if she is asleep. Women who show any feelings are looked down upon because it is not part of society, woman should never be upset or show any extreme emotions. Heroines should be patient, kind, and oblige to males. Only males are descriptive on romance novels, his arms, his hot, hard, demanding mouth on hers, all of the sexual attributes are towards males, the only description on women would be her breast squished on the men, to show any sexual characteristics on females will create a direct contradiction of how a female must be described which is innocent. Only men can characterize woman, the views of the woman are described only by what the man sees in her, women can’t defend themselves because it’s the man’s job, and…

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