Essay on Survival Rate Of Patients With Patients

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Survival Rate of Patients Over 70 The kidney serves many important functions of the body. It helps filter toxins out of the blood, and regulate blood pressure. With chronic renal failure the kidney stops performing its normal functions. Chronic renal failure occurs over a long period of time and has irreversible damage. The main treatment for these patients has always been dialysis. With new knowledge and information about chronic renal failure, researchers try to find better ways to treat this illness. This article conducted an comparison study that compares the survive rate of patients receiving Conservative Management versus Renal Replacement Therapy.
Study design and Participants This study aims to determent the survival rate of patients with chronic kidney disease receiving Conservative Management versus Renal Replacement Therapy. Patients were given in-depth pros and cons about both treatments. They were then given the option to choose between Conservative Management or Renal Replacement Therapy. Patients were allow to take as long as they want to decide which treatment was right for them. The average time it took a patient to decide was about 53 days. There was patients that took as long as 824 days to decide. All patients resided in West Yorkshire. Patients were ages 70 and older with a eGFR least then 20 ml/min. A normal eGFR is 90 ml/min to 120 ml/min. Anything least then 60 ml/min means kidney damage. Patients that were not accepted into the study, was…

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